All The Things That Break And Then Don’t

Movie producers, directors please do not take this the wrong way but you guys really do destroy a lot of things. I understand that to make people buy your tickets you need to pump up their adrenalin and push them to the edge of their seats but why do you need to take it to the extremes?

Let’s take a look at some comic book adaptations. You all know what I am talking about – the movies that somehow show human life equivalent to that of an ant and thus human civilization equal to an ant colony! These movies squash human life like we do ants in real life! Imagine if it happened in real life, the number of insurance companies that would go bankrupt. Yup, no one would really purchase anything from car and truck cover to even your typical life covers. Some companies will stay afloat but 99% would collapse with the sheer number of policy claims.

Forget that, don’t you think the destruction caused in such movies is a bit unnecessary since, you can very well produce the same effect or adrenalin rush by putting the viewer in a quandary. Take for instance the Batman series that does not do much mayham but still manages to show dire circumstances as dire as possible.

Don’t even get me started on movies that have no business bringing down buildings, destroying museums and dropping down bridges. Comedy and romantic movies too have gotten in on the act. If you want an audience, then you have to destroy things – that seems to be the new mantra in Hollywood. I for one, do not like this new direction in the industry. This is a cheap and easy trick that only needs money. It is harder to catch and retain the attention of an audience without such shenanigans. And only the truly gifted or visionaries will ever try doing that!

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